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Running from the Diaper New Blog Post

One year later: A diaper status update on potty training.

Running from the Diaper New Blog Post
The biggest challenge I faced during the last year was finding places I could safely corral the boys while helping one of them use the potty. Ultimately, this OXO potty in the back of my car proved to be the easiest for places that don’t have a family bathroom.

Full disclosure we aren’t really done with the diaper

Just to get the facts out there: My twin boys are wearing underwear, sometimes. Sometimes means not during nap or overnight.

Getting rid of the diaper.. Almost

One year ago we finally waved the white flag on our first attempt at potty training. To sum up: It sucked, it didn’t work, and made all of us miserable. Six months later, I posted about starting again and listed some of my hints for giving it another try.

Potty seat makes a big difference for potty training
This integrated potty seat was a game changer at our house. Perfect for tiny tushies but hides out of the way when not being used. Check out my post on how easy it is to install.

Two nights ago K protested wildly about peeing before bath and I heard myself utter the words, “You have been doing this every night for a year.” And I realized it was true, when we ‘quit’ potty training we kept making them sit on the potty before they got in the bathtub. They didn’t always pee, but they did it for 360-some days.

Once the potty came out again, we let them go every time they asked. But we didn’t push the issue for the entire summer (we were doing high intensity swim lessons, so adding another stressful activity seemed like a bad plan). We rewarded. We praised. But we didn’t pressure. We pretty much did everything ‘The Book’ (you know which one I’m talking about) tells you not to do.

Twin Brothers; Different results

By August K kept his diaper dry and asked to use the potty 90% of the time. We started school in diapers and they were onboard with our low pressure approach. Some time in the middle of the month we realized his diaper was NEVER wet during the day. So we said, “hey buddy, want to try wearing underwear?” And he was ON BOARD.

We have some operator error issues with him (aka: us not getting to the potty in time). And lately we’ve been having some cockiness on his part that resulted in genuine accidents. He can ignore the early urge to go and sometimes waits too long to tell us. He is highly motivated by bribery – you poop on the potty, you get a cookie (don’t freak out, it’s one of those mini size chips-ahoy). He is all about the cookie.

Twin brothers sitting honest talk for parents trying to ditch the diaper
It was right before a road trip that K announced that he wanted to pee on the potty.

J immediately spotted this whole potty nonsense as a potential power game. After K transitioned to underwear we instituted an everybody pees before we leave the house rule (which sucks, btw, and adds 10-20 minutes to getting anywhere). J has spent more than a little bit of time screaming about how he doesn’t need to go potty to then, yup, you guessed it, go potty.

By December he kept his diaper dry enough of the time we forced the underwear issue during the day. He’s more prone to accidents and pees about 2x as frequently as his brother. Also, he’s a boxer briefs kind of guy vs. his brother who is all briefs, all the time.

The bottom line and Potty Amnesia

We spent 9 months doing exactly the same thing. Literally, exactly the same thing for both guys. And shockingly (no multiples mom is actually shocked by this) they are different people with different results. My takeaway from this is that potty training is a CRAPSHOOT. If this doesn’t demonstrate that there is NO ONE SINGLE WAY TO POTTY TRAIN YOUR KID then I don’t know what does.

There is all this external pressure to potty train. I also think there is a lot of potty amnesia. It’s easy for me to say, “K essentially potty trained himself.” But that’s a bunch of bullshit. It took months of positive reinforcement, lots of naked running around the yard peeing on trees, and a metric ton of M&Ms. His potty training wasn’t an event, it was just us finally realizing he wasn’t peeing in his diaper anymore.

New Blog Post One year later: A potty status update. Some honest talk for parents trying to ditch the diaper, but not  in a patronizing way.
Family friendly bathroom destinations, like the National Aquarium, were super helpful during the last year.

J made potty training a miserable power game. One that he got to win some of the time because This Mom can only stand so much crying and fighting over something that is easily remedied by slapping a diaper back on that bitch. And people don’t like to remember or talk about how they gave into their toddler because we aren’t supposed to negotiate with terrorists. The jury is still out, we have to be more vigilant about keeping an eye on him. But I’m calling it a daytime win for now.

It all works in the end – case in point

People love to say, “well they won’t go to college in diapers.” But that’s so patronizing it hardly seems relevant when Mom and Dad Need a kid to use the potty for any of the many reasons that come up: new kid coming, diapers are $$, cannot advance in school, diaper removal issues.

Fort Birthday Meme You must be three feet old or three feet tall
My guys are quickly sneaking up on both these limits.

I have a twin mom friend who’s twins are a tad bit older than mine. She delayed trying any potty training. They made their first attempt essentially one year after I did. Bing-Bang-Boom, a couple of days and her kids are successfully peeing in the potty. Let that sink in a little bit. Same results: different journey getting there.

Overnight diapers stay

Until J stops pooping in his sleep I’m keeping the night diapers. K’s dry ones get reused and I’m using 2.5 diapers a day. A year ago it was 10 a day. Once they get their ‘big boy’ beds and a license to leave their room at night I’m willing to cross that bridge; until then, Pampers, you and I still good?

Fort Birthday Clubhouse Meme Potty training is a marathon not a sprint clearly you have never tried to get a toddler to the potty on time
Right before xmas J announced in the far corner of Target that he needed to pee. Smash Cut to me jogging as fast as I can pushing the big cart through crowds of xmas shoppers while one twin yells “Need to pee” and the other yells “coming through”
Pinterest Pin for New Blog One year later A potty status update. Some honest talk for parents trying to ditch the diaper, but not  in a patronizing way.

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  • This is a great blog about something all mums can relate too! Thanks for sharing. I dont have any kids yet but when i do im looking forward to this. Haha

  • Oh man this reminds me of when I potty trained both boys! Now I have to figure out how to do it with a girl! She’s turning 2 next month!

    • I'm still waiting on one of them to poop int he potty. Waiting and waiting and waiting

  • Potty training was so hard! It’s one of those things you just have no idea how it’s going to go, and I can’t imagine trying to accomplish this with two kiddos at the same time. I also laughed at the potty amnesia part. Thanks for sharing, it’s always great to hear the many different potty training stories.

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