How Parent Friends make you feel better about ruining your children.

How Parent Friends make you feel better about ruining your children.

My kids are just hitting the age (almost 3) where I begin to be aware of all the ways I am going to ruin them forever. Thanks to this cautionary tale from Jay Leask, READY PLAYER ONE AND THE “IS SANTA REAL? I know to avoid the particularly specific pitfall of not letting your six year old listen to the audio book, Ready Player One. I won’t spoil it too hard, because the narrator of the book pretty much spoils EVERYTHING for a young child in the first 5 minutes. But suffice to say that good Parent Friends are a treasure.

My darling child, I am so sorry that Momma is going to mess you up so very badly.

Making parent friends is hard AF.

First and foremost, you have to find people with vaguely similar schedules (naptime discordance is a real problem, people). And honestly, if you can find even one Parent Friend who can share the horror and drama that is parenting a toddler, well you keep them. Even if, otherwise, they kinda suck. Because sometimes it’s more important to have someone who will have your back at Chick-fil-A than to have someone you want to have a glass of wine with.

Then there are the Parent Friends you Actually Like.

Funny enough, I have only met Jay and his wife (who is a delight unto herself and independently fabulous) once. But they were the sort of people who didn’t look at me funny when I explained that I had to pound a few drinks in a bar because I had just pumped breastmilk in the parking lot and needed to get drunk before it was time to pump again.

I don’t know what it necessarily is about some people, but some of them you just know. You talk and sometimes you don’t even have that much in common, but you click. And then they are YOUR PEOPLE. And you keep them.

Also read this post from Jay about Pre-schoolers and stuff. STEWARDSHIP MANAGEMENT AND MY FOUR-YEAR-OLD’S TOYS   Because it is hilarious and true.

And this is where the social media haters can all take a seat and shut up.

Because parenting life is hard. And sometimes the only way we get to have parent friends we actually like is through FB, or IG, or Twitter. Check out Jay’s post about ruining his daughter’s life. I’m glad for social media because I can keep up with him despite our location and timing difficulties.

And side note to Jay about Elf on the SHELF, “HA HA” now you HAVE to do it.

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Haters step to the back.
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