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Christmas Quotes worthy of 2020

I love holiday movies and songs and assembled some of my favorite quotes that bring Christmas to my heart.

What could be better than a bunch of fa-la-la-la -LAAAHHHS?

I think I’m giving my husband this Bartesian for Christmas to make it extra Jolly – seems like the perfect option when we aren’t gathering en masse for having some signature drinks this Holliday. Plus look how cute it is. I used one at a conference Back in 2019 when we could travel

We called our camper Cousin Eddie – and Cousin Eddie has had a good life. We took it several years and parked it in my folks driveway – it was all fine and good until the year we ran out of propane in the middle of a frigid Christmas eve – It’s kinda hard to buy propane at 4am on December 25th.

2020 Christmas Quotes from Fort Birthday

I mean, we all deserve a really righteous end to 2020, peace on Earth, health and wellness, more episodes of The Mandalorian

Glitter Gold Christmas Quotes truth for moms at christmas.

I’m not wrong am I?

How will your family make this christmas special? We have a 22 year tradition of giving hand made cookies and goodies to strangers who have to work on the holidays from the Solstice through New Years Eve. This year, I don’t know if anyone wants or will even take homemade food from a stranger. So I’m not sure how we will perpetuate a tradition that has handed out packages to UPS drivers, toll booth workers, firefighters, and janitors. I’m gonna have to think about it.

What Christmas Quotes make you happy?

The honest truth is that I’ve been out of gas since the summer when chronic pain from an undiagnosed vascular condition started laying me out. I’ve been grumpy and short-tempered and far too depressed. COVID has given me a terrible excuse for not attending to my usual amount of cookie and candy making. But missing out on the wonderful moments of confusion when you hand someone an unexpected gift hurts my heart a little.

Off beat Christmas Quotes from Scrooged

Can you name the quote? That’s right. The epic and funny Scrooged.

Thanksgiving in the USA next week and It will just be the people who live in my house. A strange time we live in. A strange time.

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