Big Potty, Little Seat – Installing a Toilet lid with a hidden kids potty

Big Potty, Little Seat – Installing a Toilet lid with a hidden kids potty

Any thing that makes Toilet Training Twins Easier is worth Doing.

I spent about 8 minutes yesterday installing this awesome toilet seat with a hidden kids potty built into the lid. I love that it is hidden, stable, and my twins can’t take it off and play with it…. cause EWWWWW. This is a follow up to my quitting toilet training post from January. We’ve come a long way in six months.

The Problem:

Tiny Tushies need some help sitting on the big toilet. These folding portable seats are perfect for travel and supervised usage. Even though they are pretty stable they have some problems (including the above mentioned) they aren’t attractive, you have to store them somewhere in order to close the toilet lid (which is necessary in a house with toddlers and Dogs), and their construction tends to exacerbate little boy peeing problems – so they need to be cleaned practically every use.

Tiny folding potty on adult toilet lid open
It’s cute, it fold up, and it’s a problem. I love this portable potty for on the go, but it’s not the best solution for around my house.

The solution: install a Toilet lid with a magnetic hidden potty for little kids.


What you need:

New seat (I used this one from lowes – but amazon has this similar one), some cleaner, an adjustable pliers, a screw driver *, and 1/2 inch wrench.

How to replace your toilet lid:

Remove the old seat – you may need to use your screw driver to hold the screws in place while you loosen the nuts. Or you may need your adjustable piers to get a grip on them (I love these from Channellock, btw).

Clean the incredibly disgusting space you could never reach and the underside of the toilet too.

Toilet bolt silhouette
The white nut under the seat bolt was easy to unscrew by hand. The entire area needing cleaning and disinfecting once I removed it.

Reassemble all the parts to the old toilet lid so you don’t lose them (trust me on this). Store it somewhere you can find it when you are done with needing a potty seats for tiny bottoms (I just put mine in the back of the vanity).

Un-package the new seat – it is super easy to assemble with only FOUR PARTS (my old seat had 16!). Take a peek at the directions cause this seat has a really cool feature to the nuts.

Toilet seat with parts and directions.
FOUR PARTS! only FOUR. The last toilet seat I installed had washers and spacers and plastic shims and enough parts to drive anyone crazy. This one has FOUR.

Snap the screw into the attachments. Just push them in.

Toilet seat attachments
It was super easy to snap the screw/bolts right into the attachments. “SNAP”

Place the seat on the toilet keeping it centered while you work. Hand tighten the nuts on the screws.

Using a 1/2 inch wrench tighten the nuts until they snap off! (this was so so so very satisfying, btw). Check out Fort Birthday’s YouTube for a video of how it worked.

Torque snap nuts are new in toilet seat installs
Once these bottom pieces snapped off the plastic nut works like any other one out there on the market. But lets give it up for engineers who are so cool they make stuff like this to ensure the lid stays on securely.

That’s it. You are done.

My twins are small and so I have a step stool in front of the toilet so they can get up on their own. And with this built in seat I am WAY less worried about them shifting the portable seat off the toilet and falling off. They still may fall off being little toddlers and not always the best at predicting cause and effect, but I’m less worried.


* So, I often use links to make it easy to see what products I use. This is hands-down and without exception one of my favorite tools. It’s screwdriver perfection that ratchets, locks, and stores pretty much anything a household needs for screw drivering (driving?). I buy this as gifts for my friends when they get a new house (or apartment) and I own at least 2 because I need one to me – JUST MINE.


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