Potty Training, Part Deux. Start again.

Potty Training, Part Deux. Start again.

Waiting for the perfect time

After January’s Potty Failure and Complete Retreat I considered starting the process again this summer. The book “Oh, Crap” (which seems to be the potty bible of this generation) EXPLICITLY and EMPHATICALLY states that you can only take ONE timeout if you quit and then you only get one chance to get it right. This seemed like pretty high stakes for me and I didn’t want to start unless I KNEW they would kick ass this time.

Fox sitting on a potty for potty training twins
Any moral support helps. Ding-ding got in on the act to show the boys how it’s done.

Cause lol, I thought I could control that

Smash cut to two days before the second road trip in a week (1400 miles in 10 days!) when J uttered the sweetest and most exasperating words, “Need go to Potty”. We’ve been reading potty books, but otherwise had packed all the potties away and they hadn’t brought it up AT ALL. We dug a potty out of the closet and he sat and peed. And we SHOWERED him with praise and glory. We added our Potty Road-Trip Kit to the packing list (check out thursday’s post this week for my potty and packing list) and so started our second dance with potty training.

It’s a time wasting, mind numbing process that adds an incredible level of complication to our lives. Sure, every time I have to buy diapers I think “shit, diapers are expensive”. But two toddler in diapers is way easier than trying to get two toddlers to pee when you are at Target. Or to keep one toddler from licking the stall door while you try to hold the other one over the toilet.

re start of potty training two boys holding hands helicopter tattoos
Custom made Helicopter Tattoos (from Studio Laura Lee) are the big bribe for pooping on the potty.

Start over, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing

We haven’t abandoned diapers all together (nap, bedtime, road trips). On the way home from our road tripping we stopped at Cracker Barrel (traffic made our trip go from 4 hours to 6!!). While changing one of our boys he noticed the other women going in the stalls. “Lady takes a shower.” he said. And I explained that there were potties in each stall, “J go potty.” he announced. And so I held my tiny little guy over the side of the seat and he peed. When we came out of the stall all the women in the bathroom cheered for him (and for ME too). He was tickled pink.

twin boys playing hockey
#ALLCAPS underwear practice during the playoffs

What I’ve learned about potty training twins:

– You better baby proof your bathrooms. When you are helping one twin, the other will take the opportunity to silently dig through the vanity and start pull out all your tampons before you can blink an eye.

– Despite being twins they have totally different peeing styles. One holds it all in and lets it all out at once. The other can pee any time and must be reminded to pee twice before he gets up. Or he will start to leak.

– Bribery is a good motivational tool when you have competitive twins (don’t you want to get a helicopter tattoo like your brother?).

– Potty training when the weather is warm is easier on your pocketbook and floors. We do plenty of naked outside time (go pee on a tree). However, make sure they know your pooping policy. I asked my sweet little innocent angel, “Who gets to poop outside?” I completely expected him to say “Hank” our dog. He thought about it a second and said, “Grownups.”

Don't you wish you had a finding nemo pooping cape re start
Pooping Cape (AKA a hooded towel). Cause my son is genius.

– And now that you have embarked on your potty journey be prepared for potty drama. “Have to got to potty” has become a bedtime stalling technique. “He peed on me.” is a phrase you will hear. “Don’t pee on your brother.” will be a phrase you will likely yell.

– Make your toilet paper policy early (you only get one piece to wipe your penis). Possibly put all toilet paper out of range of little hands. Wet wipes are key, but we have a septic tank, so we don’t flush them.

– Two words: Pooping Cape. My son is a genius.

Trust me on this. Lay on a major supply of Nature’s Miracle. I can’t say enough nice things about how it can eliminate any pee smell from a sofa, or carseat, or teddy bear. Cause aren’t toddlers just really fancy pets?


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Using the potty during our re start
I don’t care how they do it, so long as it goes in the potty

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