My Second Reddit Secret Santa

My Second Reddit Secret Santa

Gift Exchange

I love an earnest Gift Exchange -not a Yankee Swap (or whatever else people call that nonsense where you need a doctorate to participate). I’m participating in two this year. One with an amazing FB group of women – and I am super excited because I ‘drew’ someone I have built an online friendship with over the last year. And I’m doing Reddit Secret Santa again.

A stacked lay of gifts I sent my Reddit Secret Santa
Last year I sent my giftee A shirt from the local running club sponsored by our humane society, Stickers from RAR brewery, A growler from Eastern Shore Brewing and some Stinger road food.

The world coming together to spread love and cheer

Last year I did my first ever Reddit Secret Santa. I signed up in November, submitted answers to a series of questions, and waited for a match. If you’ve never heard of this read on, because it’s one of my favorite things. This is their 10th annual Extravaganza. Last year 102K people sent gifts in 145 countries. They spent 4.2 million dollars (self reported including gifts and shipping – I spent more on shipping than the gifts). 7100 reported that their Santa flaked on them and 6650 were rematched. I also sent a Rematch gift – it was done with no reciprocation, so someone didn’t get let down by Santa.

Letter from my 2017 Reddit Secret Santa
My secret Santa put so much thought into sharing something he loves. Santas letter was touching. We haven’t busted out the D&D yet, as my boys are only 2, but the books were good.

What do you get a total stranger

My assigned giftee said their hobbies included: Long distance running, watching movies, playing video games, and tasting new craft beers. So I sent a bunch of local craft brewery items (I should have skipped the growler because it was heavy and made my shipping cost a ton), A T-shirt from our local humane society’s running club, and some road food. My rematch, I sent a jar of honey from our own bees. I sent mine in Old School Secret Santa fashion – anonymously.

What a total Stranger gets you

My gifter sent a D&D starter set. In isolation this seemed like a bizarre choice. But, he sent with it a thoughtful letter about how D&D has been important to him and could be a wonderful family game in the years down the road. He also sent his favorite sci-fi books in a compilation. For me this is the epitome of what I hoped for from my Secret Santa. He gifted me an experience and books. He shared something he loved. I can hardly imagine a more wonderful gift.
Glen Cook Chronicles of the Black Company gift Reddit Secret Santa 2017 book unwrapped
Funny enough, Im a big fan of military fantasy/sci fi. Starship Troopers, the Heinlein book, is one of my favorites.

Secret Santa 10th Annual Extravaganza! 2018

This year my match did not provide me as much information beyond his favorite sports teams and his hobby of growing spicy peppers, so I’m working on something, and will ship it out in the next 2 weeks (once he receives and confirms his gift, I’ll let you in on some of the secrets).
Next year consider joining in this international expression of good will and love. Also, Reddit hosts gift exchanges all year – everything from Greeting Cards to Diwali, Harry Potter to Star Wars, Reusable Bags (which I love and have to try), and Chocolate (!!).
dungeons and dragons Starter set gift Reddit Secret Santa 2017
It will probably be a couple years before my guys get something out of this. But this year my nephew discovered DD and has a wonderful game he participates in. I also have adult friends with a monthly game.

I find the questionnaire Reddit uses fascinating so I’m including my responses for this year’s below and keeping my fingers crossed for a good Santa. Rumor has it that Bill Gates, Snoop Dogg, Val Kilmer, Adam Savage and sports teams and brands all participate. In 2016, Bill Gates asked his Santa to use their talents or skills to do something good in the world – And his Santa went to his local humane society and photographed dogs to help promote their adoption (hearteyes). His gifts are famously thoughtful and generous.

The gallery is a feel good place to waste a couple minutes (or hours) scrolling though the creative and heartfelt posts. You find everything from handmade personalized items and gift cards to elaborate and luxurious items. Things like: a script from the Office autographed by all the cast, a CASE of wine, a CRUISE! People’s wildest dreams come true (computers, guitars, charitable donations). 

Ultimately, I can’t think of anything nicer than one HUNDRED THOUSAND people all with the intention of bringing a smile to a strangers face.

“Welcome to the 10th annual Reddit Gifts’ Secret Santa. While technically in its ninth year, Secret Santa 2018 represents the 10th annual kickoff of Reddit’s year-long gifting season. Over the years, Reddit users from around the world have come together during Secret Santa for a common theme—to spread goodwill and joy to one another, through the spirit of giving and receiving happiness. In our ninth year, we invite you to join us once again, in a time where love and optimism is needed across the globe. At Reddit Gifts, we rely on the kind hearts of Reddit users to shine a little light during the holiday season, and this year is no different.

Over 1,000,000 gifts have been sent through Reddit Gifts exchanges, one heartwarming gift at a time. Reddit Gifts Secret Santa is the world’s LARGEST gift exchange, and THE exchange to participate in every holiday season. Over the years, users from over 220 countries have come together to participate in this Reddit tradition. This year, join us in keeping the tradition going!” – RedditGifts

Notes to your Santa

I am a 42 year old mom of surprise twin 2.5 year olds. I am perpetually tired. A mommy blogger I believe science is real, vaccines save lives, all bodies are beautiful, no person is illegal, black lives matter, and that I can do better. I feel like I wrote an especially clever note last year, but I’ve got a head cold and two sick toddlers. I would love to learn something about where you live, or what you are passionate about. What is your favorite thing? What do you wish other people could enjoy as much as you do? I drive an 11 year old 500hp minivan that is much more rare than any Ferrari. I re-wired a house, build and fix things when they break. I’ve been to every state but Alaska and all the Canadian Provinces except the territories. I’ve been on every continent except Antarctica and Australia. (all of that fun stuff was before I had kids). Pretty much, I’m attracted to the esoteric. And Yellowstone National Park is my favorite place in the world. 

Ever been abducted by space aliens? 

No. That being said, I think ET is the scariest movie ever made and spent a lot of my childhood afraid ET would come collect me. 
I love TV and movies in general and can appreciate pretty much all.

Favorite Books, authors.

Anathem, Neal Stephenson. Starship Troopers, Heinlein. gimme the sci-fi
TV Shows The Good Place, Jane the Virgin is high satire, King of the Hill (best cartoon ever on TV)
Movies – All of them bad to good I love them all. 

How would you make the world a better place?

I am trying to talk more about racism and how #blm to my white peers. I vote. I am trying to raise my two white male sons not to be giant entitled assholes. If I had unlimited funds I would have a capricious charity that gave money randomly to people who need it or who would delight in it. I would hire a cadre of elite assassins to deal with the awful people in the world. I always always always put my grocery cart away. I pick up a piece of trash every day. And I wish I could make people who throw cigarette butts out car windows eat them. I blog because otherwise I would go insane with the ridiculous boredom of being a full time mom. I mean, my kids are fascinating… for an hour. 24 hours a day they are exhausting. I make mommy memes because I am funny as fuck. And I really really hope that what I write helps other moms survive.
I’m allergic to oranges. 
We have two dogs: *SOBS* Old man Dog, Burin who is slowly dying. also a 14 yo female hell hound named Crackie

Organizations I like and support

Food and snacks – 

Chocolate, KitKats especially. But not the weird ones.

What fictional character would be your best friend. 

Tyrion Lannister because, like him, I also drink and read to excess and are pragmatic as hell

You’re trapped on a desert island, what do you bring with you?.

I’d be cheeky, but I’ll run out of space. A multitool, Bug spray, mosquito netting, and antibiotics 

We share in Fort Birthday

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