About Fort Birthday and Me

About Fort Birthday and Me

Homemade Cardboard Fort
Amazon, Lowes, and Home Chef boxes make up Fort Birthday. After 9 months, it’s been expanded and reinforced.

Fort Birthday deserves it’s own post, and I will write one, eventually.

In a nutshell: Fort Birthday is a cardboard play fort I built for my twins on their first birthday out of moving boxes and packing tape during nap time. In the last year it has been one of my most satisfying projects. It represents everything I want as a mother, something simple and handmade that my children love.

One sentence about me: I’m a second child of four who married her high school sweetheart nearly 20 years ago and I love learning new things. Right now I’m learning how to survive toddler twin boys. Ok. That was two sentences, but you get the idea. Oh wow! I completely forgot to tell you my name. I’m Leah.

The main thing to know about me is that I ADORE telling a good story. My husband and I (and my entire family, for that matter) can really spin a good yarn. Get a few drinks into me and I’ll tell you about the box turtle we drove from Alabama to California, complete with a turtle-pee-filled trip to Graceland. It’s hilarious and true. Shucks, stone cold sober I’ll tell you about teaching drivers ed, and dogs, and home repair, and becoming a Mom at 40.

Two twin toddlers standing in front of a bell.
J. and K., Fraternal Twins, at 19 months old after a failed attempt to meet Santa. In front of the Volunteer Fire House Bell.

I have stories about growing up in a 1980’s Leave-it-to-Beaver neighborhood where we knew ALL our neighbors. My Linden Street Family has awesome stories. I’ve got stories about the money pit old farmhouse we bought on the Eastern Shore. And about my husband suggesting we buy a house with my parents (Yes, really). And so very many stories about my toddlers.

Humor my Humor.

I like to think I’m funny. I desperately want to be funny ON PURPOSE. It seems like I’m mostly funny by accident. I want people to read my stories and chuckle or at least smile. I’m no comedian, but I try. I want my sons to have a sense of humor about themselves and life. Their giggles make me stupid happy. I’m sadly aware that they will reach an age where they no longer find me funny anymore. Giggles will get replaced by eye rolls. And I’m gonna start practicing being extra embarrassing even though I secretly want to be the cool mom.

When I’m not telling an epic saga I’m happiest learning new things with a tangible result. In 20 years I learned to race cars, practice law, quilt, crochet, re-wire a house, plaster a wall, repair my own car, design a kitchen, and to share my knowledge with other people. For a long time this took the shape of freelance writing and DIY forums. And now it takes the shape of Fort Birthday.

Being a Mom of Twins is my greatest story

The last 20 months of motherhood have given me more stories than 20 years of marriage. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy telling them.

Photo by Monica Navarro Leonard Photography

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