My name is Leah, I am an unreasonably picky adult eater

My name is Leah, I am an unreasonably picky adult eater

I confess:

My name is Leah and I am an unreasonably picky adult eater. The combination of being a super-taster and having a number of texture/swallowing aversions means that the list of foods I don’t eat is comically long. I am not the sort of picky eater who is going to be rude – if you serve me something I’m not going to like, I’m a guest in your home, I’m going to shut my mouth and eat enough to not offend and get take out on the way home. If you are family, I’m gonna make myself a bowl of cereal or something.

Picture of blogger momma leaning on tree in fall colors picky eater confession
I’m clearly not wasting away with my peculiar food restrictions. It’s embarrassing, to be honest. I keep trying to ‘get over it’ but yuck yuck yuck.

Nope, Maybe/Might, and OK Food

There are three kinds of food in my life: (technically four – but Oranges are their own category: “suicide food” – allergic all my life, I am now an epi-pen carrier allergic). There are the NOPE foods. I will eat them rather than starve to death, but I’m not eating them otherwise. Short list of deal breakers includes: black pepper, cilantro, shellfish (except crabs – cause, duh. Maryland. and shrimp), all kinds of beans, mushrooms as their own dish (I will eat around them), most fruit, eggs, and most dairy (yogurt, cream cheese, cheese cake, cottage cheese – ew ew ew). Texture matters immensely with Nope foods: peanut butter, pudding, yogurt, cooked fruit, creme brûlée, dulce de leche, custard, pretty much any food that jiggles or sqooshes. There is a whole universe of fruit in this category – all fruit that can be described as “creamy”. Avocados, BLECH. Cherimoya or Dragon fruit *throws up a little in my mouth*.
Fall veggies to please the confession of a picky adult eater
Squash and cabbage also round out some of my fall/winter favorites. Im not just a fan of root veggies. But these local Sweet potatoes are amazing. You should check out all the varieties of sweet potatoes you can find. The eastern shore was known for its ugly as hell but delicious as heaven Haymans which, if you are lucky, and local, you can get ahold of this time of year. Also, sweet potatoes are easy to grow, check out Melissa Grant’s post about growing sweet potatoes at home

Picky Eater? Eat Seasonally

But, I’ve learned in the past 10 years that sometimes my food dislikes have to do with the quality of the item as the item itself. Those are my Maybe/Might foods. As in I might like to eat a couple blueberries if they are really really good blue berries. I will maybe eat a banana if it is perfectly ripe and I’m in the mood. A perfectly cooked scallop. I’ll eat one.
Yellow and red watermelons are my favorite for a picky eater my nephew is stealing one here.
Eastern Shore Watermelons are the kings of the summer. I love them all from sugar babies to giant long picnic melons. This watermelon thief better watch his hands during July and August.
As I’ve learned more about food systems and lived in agricultural areas, I’ve learned that eating seasonally adds more Maybe items to my list. I used to say I did not like raw tomatoes, but now I know I just don’t like crappy raw tomatoes – home grown and heirloom varieties now are OK foods. For me, 90% of fruit falls in this category (I will eat, and Like, strawberries, watermelon, apples, and pineapple). As the summer goes by food come and go depending on their availability – EG. I only eat cantaloupe and peaches for a few weeks each when they are at their peak. So the summer is a series of food waves for me.

Fall is my Food Happy Time

Then fall comes – fall is my jam. Because Fall is full of Yes foods. Root vegetables, greens, Cruciferous veggies (except Brussles Sprouts – NEVER brussles sprouts) all are coming into their own. And cooler fall weather just begs for yummy fall soups, slaws, and hashes. This is where some people get tripped up by my picky eating. Rutabagas: YES! I’d rather eat those. Turnips. Do you have any idea how yummy turnips are? Peel them, toss them with oil and some garlic roast them until tender and HOLY COW. Delicious. Now is the time to hit the Farmers Markets. Now is the time for soups, and stews, and purees.
unreasonably picky eater needs yummy food foods
Eating your rainbow, literally. Cauliflower deserves to be roasted, mashed, cut as steaks and grilled, dunked in cheese, and eaten raw.
When it came time to start feeding my twins food, I became hyper aware of my peculiarities. They were LATE to eat real food, in part due to their prematurity, they really didn’t eat until after 14 months. One, because the younger of my twins has similar swallowing and gagging issues to me. And two because I have to fake liking a bunch of food I hate. And I can’t fake eating stuff cause my kids can spot a liar at 5 feet.


I confess in my confession that even this picky eater will eat rutabaga
Rutabaga lacks the gorgeous appearance of some of its winter veggie cousins. But boiled and mashed….. its heaven. I regularly substitute it for potatoes in stews and soups.
Periodically someone is eating something and they say, “this is the best XYZ I’ve ever head” and I try it and ick. It’s embarrassing to be afflicted this way *dramatically places hand on forehead* I mean, I’m a grown up. I’m 40-something woman who doesn’t drink coffee because it tastes gross. I’m serious. Nope. No thank you.

Roasted Root Veggies

Roasted Root Veggie has can please even a picky adult eater confession
This hash included chopped fennel along with some tiny creamer potatoes. The beets stained some of the rutabaga, but the cauliflower was really that amazing purple color. Even this picky eater loves it. My weapon of choice for peeling a ton of root veggies is this OXO peeler

Peel, dice, oil lightly dust any and even all of the fall root veggies with garlic powder and roast at 375F until tender. My twins eat some combination of the above most of the week as their veggie course. I love it with chopped beets, cauliflower, turnips, rutabaga, parsnips, sweet potatoes, so long as it isn’t a Brussels Sprout, toss those fall veggies in.⁣

And don’t forget some ginger. If you don’t like eating the hash as is, blend it with some warm chicken broth a HUGE chunk of ginger and a little turmeric for an amazing and rich fall soup with no dairy at all.⁣ Perfect for the Picky in your life

I’ll keep you updated on my weirdly inappropriate food particularities. Because the next step is all about how I DON’T want my toddlers to end up as picky as I am.



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