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Which of Oprah’s Favorite Things should be on your 2019 Holiday Gift List

What holiday gift list would be complete without hearing from Oprah. What will be your favorite things going into 2020? Last week, I told you what my favorite DIY things which would make a great gift list for a DIYer, btw. This week I’ll share Oprah’s 80 Favorite Things from 2019. But here’s the twist: I’m gonna judge along the way.

I love Oprah’s style-making and intuition, but (dusts off her own shoulders) I’m pretty sure there are some of My favorite things that kick Oprah’s in the fancy-pants.

Ok, there is absolutely nothing to argue about with a pair of slippers that you can heat up so your toes are toasty warm. I’m someone with perpetually cold (and smelly, but that’s another one of my favorite things).

I’m not a hot sauce aficionado. There is a time and a place for tabasco, or Siracha. But I do buy this Henry Baines Sauce which is pretty much good on everything from chicken to pork.

Who doesn’t like to keep their hot drinks hot. The prints on these eCoffe cups are dramatic and appealing. I’m more of a cold drink kind of girl. Specifically, I like a can of ice cold Diet Coke with Lime. And this Yeti Can Cool sleeve keeps my cans glacier cold.

As a kid, I would have loved this. But, I know now how fleeting those all in one kits last. Instead why not get your kid a backpack that says “I’m an artist” and encourage art everyday. This woodland print Fjallraven – Kanken Art Special Edition Mini Backpack is the perfect size for a sketchbook and some colored pencils for an artist on the go. It’s on my list of favorite things for 2020

I mean, people just love these. And who am I to argue with soft cozy comfort with a kangaroo pocket.

I got nothing on tumeric tea. But, y’all know science is one of my favorite things. So, I’ve got this actual clinical research report that found no provable or quantifiable benefits to consuming turmeric as a dietary supplement. If you like Turmeric tea, then enjoy. But don’t fall into a trap of thinking it’s good for you beyond your own enjoyment.

Is there such a thing as the perfect pant? When I re-did my Mom’s Crapsule Wardrobe I spent some time searching. The verdict is out on the spanx pants. But we Shall see.

Not gonna lie. This is on my own Wish list.

People love this coat – It’s got it’s issues with durability, but people love it. We live in the mid-atlantic, so I don’t have a real winter coat anymore. I wool moto coat does what I need.

The Wolf Caroline Zip up Travel case is more the size I need, something small and cute.

We are condiment fanatics at our house. So, OBVIOUSLY, I’ve got a favorite mustard. There are the classics (yellow, dijon) but you HAVE GOT TO TRY this Trader Joe’s Aioli Garlic Mustard Sauce. It’s amazing on sandwiches, pretzels, chicken, salads, veggie dip. I buy this stuff by the shelf when I am near a Trader’s Joes.

A good pajama is a Mom’s best friend. Land’s End makes quality long lasting products, and they stand behind their clothing.

I see the point of a cross body bag for bigger phones. But I’m a die-Hard phone in my pocket kind of girl. What can I say.

I would sneer at this. Or I used to, until I had a Cashmere bathrobe from the same company. And swoon. If I was on a plane on a regular basis this would be a must pack.

I think I’m too old for this style. It doesn’t appeal to me as a concept. I’m a huge fan of my brand new winter Elena high top waterproof sneakers from Keen. I got the green and I’m in love

This is probably the least relevant item on the list for me. But perversely one of the ones I WANT the most. These lux and rich liquid eyeshadows are my goals.

I’m a huge fan of food that comes in the mail.

Meh – Luxury soaps are wonderful in texture and a delight to use. But for my day to day life… for 2019 Gift giving, it might be a good one to have for an emergency hostess gift, or for your mother-in-law when you can’t get her a bathrobe, yet again.

Stop drinking out of single use bottles. Buy what delights you, and this rainbow bottle is DE-LIGHTFUL.

I’m opposed to single use kitchen items. But these little stoneware casseroles are perfect for lots of single serving items when you are ready to go beyond cheese. Personal shepherds pie is one of my favorites in this size. Cook’s Illustrated’s recipe is my go to for velvety sauce and tender meat.

Spices are a great gift, they are expensive if high quality, consumable, and charming to have on a gift list. I prefer Penzey’s gift boxes which come in a dizzying array of choices. I put Penzey’s Pork Chop Seasoning on everything. It’s great on pork Chops, obvs. But on chicken, potatoes, broccoli roasted in the oven, you name it. I also love their vanilla extracts.

Plus, how could I leave Penzey’s off a Gift List for 2019 Holidays because their mission to kindness and love is as deep as their love of food.

28. Piccolina Trailblazer Tee-Ruth Bader Ginsburg

These piccolina Tees are attractive. But if you want to start wearing your feelings in your sleeves, you should check out Turner & Pooch. Their shirts, prints and accessories are in your face social justice and I am so here for it. I own several and trying to figure out which I’m adding to my 2019 gift list.

I randomly ended up owning this book. It’s gorgeous.

I got a chance to sample the Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine. I was prepared for artificial cloying flavors and was pleasantly surprised. Perfect for someone who just wants to be able to have a cocktail without having a fully stocked bar.

Ok, do I own some clothes that could use this sort of thing. Do I shave my clothes? Nope.

When I turned 40 I started needing reading glasses. The blue light filtering ones might help with eye fatigue.

These are an attractive and comfortable pair of gloves that solve lots of winter problems. And NO, I cannot live without my phone. I like these isotoner dressy ones with Smart Touch.

Mommy Blogger Fort Birthday Rime frost on Ilex with a blue sky for holiday gift list

For the gourmand in your life. what is better than an assortment of truffle items. Truffle salt and oils are part of my favorite things.

I’ve got dark colored dog and we live in the woods. And it’s hunting season. Need I say more?

37. Louis Sherry Nutcracker Tin with Sea Salt Caramel Truffles

People like this one. I’m more likely to be applying makeup in a car visor mirror.

I like a rocketbook for digital note taking. But the NeoLab Convergence gives you some more versatile options. Perfect work working on your Holiday Gift List or your monthly goals.

I’m a bit of a puzzle snob. Strike that. I’m puzzle particular. I’m not really interested in these gorgeous gradient sky scape puzzles. Too much work. I like highly graphic, plug and chug – Buffalo Games or White Mountain both make high quality low dust nicely fitted jigsaw puzzles.

I’m indifferent to candles. So, sure, this could be on my favorites gift list.

Say what you want about a flashy bag. I’m devoted to the eBags motherlode weekender.

High quality consumables are always good gifts.

Pie is trash food. Just saying. Cake is the best. Cake delivered. BEST.

I’m entirely indifferent to the pressure cooker fad. I’ll have to take Oprah’s word on it.

I’m really quite excited about this one. Not only is infusing liquors or vinegars fabulous for the home chef. This vessel is gorgeous. My last great infused vodka I made with the rind of a really fine parmesan reggiano. It made outstanding bloody mary’s

Again, I’d like to suggest an amazing small shop for social activism and feminist T-shirts. Check out Wire & Honey for their amazing line of products.

OMGoodness. We are devoted fireplace people. We have fires most nights in the winter. And I would LOVE to have this sitting on my mantle. HINT HINT HINT.

54. I think anyone who decorates for any of the holidays in the northern hemisphere would appreciate this collection of glass icicles.

I was an early adopter of wireless earbuds – they make DIY and construction much safer and more pleasant than wired headphones.

Trays are this weird overlooked household necessity. This extra large wicker tray is attractive and functional addition.

I am not an accessories person, but a statement stack of bracelets goes a long way to making me feel put together when I am dressing up for a change.

I can’t argue with a lime green hat with flaps.

Another trailblazer t and another opportunity to think about how feminism is depicted. Susan B Anthony was a critical suffragette. But also racist. White feminism often fails to serve the intersectionality that it should. Make sure your gift list can endure some real scrutiny. Remember Ally is a VERB.

This candy striped dot is my favorite. My 3 year olds have finally figured out how to get Alexa to listen to them. And Lordy. One of them yelled. Alexa, stop talking, to their dad the other day. Can I put Toddler babysitting on my Holiday Gift List?

When I got married 21 years ago this was one of our cherished gifts. It has served us many years. Any person setting up a new kitchen would appreciate and love such a thoughtful addition to a gift list.

Dates are meh food. I know, some people love them, and they are traditional holiday food. My in-laws gifted our family a fruit of the month from Harry and David. It’s been the most lovely gift. It’s introduced my toddlers to new and delicious fruits. And I don’t have to store anything. What could be better. Also, Oregold Peaches. Dear me. We don’t let the kids eat those. Consider putting a subscription box on your holiday gift list.

Cookware is one of these things people are ready to fight over at the drop of a hat. I either cook on stainless or cast iron.

Shoes are so subjective. Unless someone knows exactly what they want, I don’t tend to buy them for people. Shrug. Except my kids. Because I have to .

I am not a home exercise bike person. But, my friends that have them are absolutely in love. Devoted.

Sitting on my bedside table right now in my pile of BTRs.

A portable bluetooth speaker is basic kid equipment with so much screen consumption of movies etc. But such bad speakers on tablets.

I don’t drink coffee. Sue me. This seems fancy. Are you a fancy coffee person.

This bag is intriguing. I may look at it for my Upcoming Mommy Bug Out Bag blog post.

I’m 100% here for brainless and painstaking adult activities. I’ve even done one of these. They are fun.

So much meat and cheese holiday gifts are stuffed with inedible summer sausage and stale crackers. This set seems appealing and delicious.

Ok, ok. So I can quibble with a few things. But Obviously, Oprah is a goddess who gets most things rights. Black Friday is shortly upon us and sales will be going. Make sure to snap up things from the list. And do Check out some of MY favorite things for 2019 Holiday Gift List.

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