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Dinosaur Quotes for a Toddler Bedroom

It happened gradually, a T. Rex here. A stegosaurus there. And then BOOM, like a flaming, epoch-ending meteor, full-blown Dinosaur madness hit my twins. I’m up to my eyeballs with trying to match the correct multisyllabic binominal names to the common names. And, if you can’t tell your Argentinasaurus from a Titanosaurus, well, you are screwed. About as screwed as the triceratops. Here are some of the Dinosaur quotes I am going to use when I do their bedroom makeover.

Dino Print with meteor and dinosaur quote from Phil Plait
Everyone has a bad day, even toddlers.

These are my favorite quotes about dinosaurs from Dino Experts to novelists. Everyone. EVERYONE has an opinion about dinosaurs. Wait until you hear my kids’ dinosaur quotes.

Or maybe theyre weird. Maybe dinosaurs are weird
I hope that my kids know that their weirdness is as awesome as a dinosaur.

I can’t wait until my boys are old enough for Jurassic Park (which I saw both times it was in the theater). And, I’ll be damned, it still holds up. The boys Batta Dinos are their favorite toys right now and a fixture in their toddler bedrooms.

I’m in love with Dinosaur Quotes right now.

I think we probably will do some Dinosaur quotes we certainly have enough to do an ABC’s scavenger hunt again.

Water is eternal on earth infographic
This concept blows my mind. The enormity of it.

Okay, I’m gonna blow your mind. Our water comes from a well that is over 600 feet deep and taps into a Miocene era aquifer. The water we drink is 2 million years old. TWO MILLION YEARS OLD. I mean, it’s still the same water the dinosaurs were drinking – and as my toddlers delight in pointing out, peeing – So we are just drinking dinosaur pee.

T Rex was Big Bird from Hell
Imagine if Big Bird was malignant. Like Godzilla scary.

I owned chickens for 10 years and WOW. I totally believe that they are descended from Dinosaurs. I have seen two chickens fight over a snake. If they were even 3x as big as they are they would be terrifying.

Chickens are flock animals. This hen survived a heatwave and a Red-tailed hawk that decimated the rest of her flock. (her name was Hazel, the last chicken standing, and she lived 7 years!) She decided to make my dysfunctional little dog, Milhouse her pack. They liked hanging out together. Proof that all family is what you make it.
Dinosaurs infographic Mommy Blogger Fort Birthday
Dinosaurs walked the earth for a mind-shattering amount of time. They even walked on Maryland, our state Dinosaur is the Astrodon Johnstonii, a sauropod.

Dino Dino Dino. All I hear all day is dinosaurs. We read dinosaur books, we play with dinosaur toys. And the boys are nearly ready for their fourth birthday and a bedroom makeover, and some of these signs are going to get framed and hung in their room.

Dinosaur quotes infographic sign
Maybe this is an Astrodon Johnstonii?

Not-So-Super-Mom-Vs.-Society had an amazing post this week for Dinosaur Pictionary. Make sure to check it out. Her toddlerosaurus is just a big a fan as mine. She’s an amazing advocate and a super cool toddler mom.

Do your kids love dinos, are they as dino obsessed as mine? What’s your favorite Dino Fact?

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