22 things I’m thankful for, to spare you a daily listing

22 things I’m thankful for, to spare you a daily listing

22 days of Thankful Gratitude is too much for me

Most Novembers I start with a high intention for sharing my thankfulness each day of November. But then life intervenes and I forget a day or two or I end a day feeling completely ungrateful. So, I’m going to spare you all the daily posts. And spare myself of the guilt of missing a day or two. What are you thankful for?

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I’m grateful for the occasional good hair and makeup day.

One list. One post. But a month of gratitude none-the-less.

1. As silly as it sounds, I’m grateful to all of you who burn a few minutes looking at my pictures and my blog. Knowing that I’m not shouting into the void makes doing this worth it.

2. I’m grateful for napping twins so I can sit down and bang out this list. So I’m grateful for sleep training and a sleep schedule and twins that cooperate (except at nap time or bedtime or whenever they feel like it).

3. I’m grateful to myself for getting over the feeling that I have to wear uncomfortable shoes.

Aunt Butt and Nephew Butts
I’m grateful for all of these butts. Would you look at how cute.

4. I’m grateful TO and FOR Sydney Johnson. You make the world a better place by being in it.

5. I’m thankful for Harris Teeter Express Lane and the Chick-fil-A app. Game changers.

6. I’m grateful for modern life: vaccines, birth control, fluoride, and not having to wear a girdle.

7. I am eternally grateful to the staff of the UMMC CAFC and Nicu who safely brought my twins into this world and ushered our family through the first 7 weeks of their life.

8. I’m grateful for Neoma Rohman who I love like a sister; and who doesn’t know it, but who loves me back like one.

9. I’m grateful for my actual sisters and brother and my parents who taught me what family means. And my Linden Street Family who does the same.

Memorial Brick linden street Alexandria
So many Happy memories of Growing up on a street where I could walk in anyones house and get fed, comforted, or scolded depending on what I needed).

10. I am grateful for Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, my DVR, and Blu-Ray disks. I love movies and TV, probably more than I should and I’m grateful for convenience in consuming them. My companions through long nights with twin infants, and my nightly entertainment. Oh, and a way to keep my kids busy for 20 min so I can get something done.

11. I am grateful for Google, and IMDB, and I guess the whole internet for that matter. It blows my mind that I can forget my password to login to target.com; click a ‘button’ that sends a message through the FREAKING AIR to my phone within seconds with a reset code. INSTANT gratification.

12. I’m grateful for Diet Coke with Lime.

Woman sits cold under a blanket in a hoodie
Im grateful for the coldest Caribbean cruise ever. And running away from my family for my twins first birthday.

13. I’m grateful for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (it’s an ultra stiff melamine foam as it turns out, thank you again, Internet)

14. I’m grateful for online communities: be they my Nerds, Activists (especially y’all), Skeptics, Bloggers or Moms. It’s amazing to me that someone a world away who I may never meet in person is my friend. I never would have endured the first year of twin motherhood without my FB groups, tumbr, and reddit.

15. I’m grateful for 20 years of marriage to a man who has become a shockingly awesome dad.

16. I’m grateful for ear plugs and headphones that help me ignore the world or at least signal that I am trying to do so.

Channel lock screwdriver
This is seriously the best screwdriver ever. I’m grateful for when someone steals it and puts it back – so I don’t have to murder them.

17. I’m thankful for my favorite tools, no really, I’m serious. I love my screwdriver, with a passion.

18. I’m grateful for my own acceptance that I can choose not keep something. And that less is more sometimes. I don’t need 20 year old sheets. I’m working on cleaning out my attic. One box at a time. Get it out, move it on, someone else can use it. Pass it on.

19. Can I be preemptively grateful for someone else making thanksgiving dinner? I’m ready to be grateful for that, I’m bringing Smith Island Cake.

Smith island cake chocolate frosting yellow cake many layers
This isn’t a REAL Smith Island Cake. It’s only seven layers. Smith Island Cake should have 8-15 layers. But if heaven has a taste, it is this.

20. I’m grateful to all the people who make their avocation serving their communities, whether in uniform or not. Dedicating your life to improving the lives of others is a treasure. Patty Quimby and Talbot Humane Staff, I’m looking at you.

21. I’m grateful to Nivine Anood who spent hours teaching my sons the lifesaving swimming skills they have now. Seriously, girl. You have an amazing talent and patience by the bucket. Ken is swimming like a fish, and Jay still has a version of swim float swim. It’s not pretty, but it’s there.

22. I’m grateful for my Mom Blogger groups. Monica, you said, you’d jump in with me and got pregnant instead. But you shoved me in the deep end with a pack of amazing women. I’m super excited that I will get to meet some of you next spring. I really am profoundly thankful to these Moms who have patiently and enthusiastically lifted each other up so we all rise together. GROW. Love you.

So there you go. Can I go back to being an exhausted slightly bitter mom of twins now?

Cause that’s what I’m doing. Happy November. I find Gratitude daily, but don’t make me write it all down, please. I’ll be thankful if you can do that.





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