You Gotta Start Somewhere

You Gotta Start Somewhere

One of my best friends and I have been kicking around the idea for a mom blog since early 2016 when our children were born. And, no surprise to anyone, we found ourselves too busy to make a personal project happen. It seemed impossible with twins to do anything other than try and survive to the next day with everyone alive. And to sleep. Sleep as much as humanly possible. Sleep is LIFE. Sleep was my number 1 personal priority last year. Don’t mess with my sleep. Seriously, I will cut you.

As our boys got older we became better at Momming and our kids are less intensive. And I found myself feeling the creative itch again. I want an output I can point to other than dirty diapers and piles (and piles) of clothes. My first big project was a complete laundry remodel. I am so darn proud of it. It looks so amazingly awesome that I want to take a chair and just sit in there sometimes. It’s also the most organized and tidiest place in my house right now which may – just possibly – have something to do with it. I’ve written a lot in the past about renovation and construction, and I started drafting the story of my kick-ass laundry room. Just wait ’til you see it. It’s so awesome.

Remodeling during nap time.

Around the same time a dear friend (her daughter shares a birthday with my twins) found out she was pregnant with twins!! And she asked me for any advice I could pass on to her about being a twin mom. I sat down and I started writing about what to expect, what systems worked well for me, and what gear made my life easier. And I wrote and wrote and wrote. And that’s what clued me in to the fact that I could make time for Fort – and that the experiences I have had over the last 20 months are worth sharing.

Some things you will see me write about are:

  • Buying a house at 40, with my parents: the ridiculous tale of moving in together and choosing to live as a family again.
  • Seven weeks in the NICU: the incredible people who work there, the practical realities, and the unbelievable kindness.
  • Exclusively Pumping for two – how a series of tiny goals morphed into 18 months of pumping.
  • Twin Gear Must Haves.
  • The incredible Loneliness of Motherhood – Postpartum Anxiety and Depression – cause this is a thing moms NEED to talk about.
  • My Dogs. My ridiculous Pack of three black mutts and their adventures. I was a Dog Mom first.
  • Why, for my Twins first birthday, I went on a cruise without them (to be fair, I was home for their ACTUAL birthday).
  • Buying a minivan the second I found out I was pregnant.
  • Renovation and Restoration of a 200 year old farmhouse.
  • Getting DIY projects done during nap time.
  • Taking a keep-it-simple approach to parenting, because… twin toddlers.
  • Simple how-to’s for common repairs that YOU CAN DO.
  • Stories about road tripping and camping.
  • OMG, in a few months we are going to try potty training!
  • And my occasional stabs at humor.

I can’t wait to go on this journey with you all and to hear your stories too. So keep in touch. – L. F. Wade

Fort Birthday is here for everyone. Come on in.

We share in Fort Birthday

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  1. Yes! I can’t wait to read it all! Except that I’m not handy at all so I am not going to attempt any diy projects haha

    1. KP- you don’t have to ‘be handy’ sometimes you just have to try. Plus it makes me so proud when I get even something small done, like changing the air filters. Never underestimate the power of a plain language google search. If it needs getting done, I can almost promise someone else has done it and taken pictures 😉

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