Full Moon Baby Part 1

Full Moon Baby Part 1

Red moon
September 27, 2015 Blood Moon + Super Moon + eclipse = my life changing forever

Blood red moon

We drove due East from the airport toward our home town. I thought I was miscarrying at 12 weeks and we were heading to the hospital to confirm it. We watched this enormous blood-red full moon rising on a night of a full lunar eclipse and we tried not to talk about what a bad omen it was. My first pre-natal appointment was scheduled for the next day.

At 39, and after 18 years of marriage, my husband and I decided to try to have a baby. We figured if I got pregnant, great! And if I didn’t, it wasn’t in the cards for us. When the test said ‘Pregnant’. I knew how lucky we were. My husband was overjoyed. For his 40th Birthday we met friends in Iceland who were also newly pregnant. Other than being exhausted and ‘morning’ sick (what a laugh, definitely 24-hrs-a-day-sick) it was lovely. The last day I started bleeding. We elected to fly home as scheduled rather than confirm a miscarriage at an ER in a foreign country. I’m sure there was a big dose of denial wrapped up in there as well. It was a long flight of trips to the bathroom to change pads.

We watched the October Super Moon rising during our drive and spent an hour not talking about anything. The hospital quickly got us in and did blood work; we waited for the ultrasound technicians to come in at 9 o’clock at night. When they took me back for the ultrasound my husband went outside to take a picture of the lunar eclipse for me. I am a huge science nerd and had been looking forward to watching it. He was trying to be sweet. It was sweet.

Blurry photo of eclipse
The actual blurry picture my Husband took during the eclipse

You are going to put that where, exactly?

Wondering why they were unwrapping a condom held my attention for a moment – no one had warned me about a trans-vaginal ultrasounds. One of the ultrasound technicians was in training. Her supervisor helped her get the settings correct, pulled the curtain closed and said, “Holler if you need help.” She pretty much immediately said, “I need help.” There’s a place you go to in your head when emotional shock hits. I was heading to that place. They began jabbering over me excitedly. And I finally managed to say, “Is it ok?” The supervisor turned to her trainee and said, “You’ve never had one before have you? You want to tell her?” And the trainee looked at me and grinned. “It’s two. It’s twins!” They were practically jumping up and down excited for me.

Stunned is an insufficient word for going from fearing the worst to finding out you are pregnant with twins. The supervisor rushed out of the room to find my husband, outside trying to use his iphone to catch some blurry pics of the eclipse. She didn’t spill the beans. When my husband walked in the room, I could barely speak. I raised two fingers and said, “It’s two.”

ultrasound of twins
The boy’s first photo.

My husband is a talker. I have never, in 23 years of knowing him, seen him at a loss for words. He backed up about six feet, crouched down and put his head between his knees. He was silent for almost a full minute. The first thing he managed to say was, “Thank god your mom is here.” It took another hour or so to get discharged. There was a lot of hysterical laughter and saying over and over again in disbelief, “We’re having twins.” There were definitely some, “Oh. Shit” sprinkled in there, too.

Shock and awe

We had already told my parents I was pregnant (we share a house with them and it would have been impossible to hide). When we got home and told my Mom it was TWINS she actually fell to the floor overcome with joy. Our dogs all jumped on her in an excited pile of ridiculousness. It was quite a scene. I wish I had video. Three days later we headed to my brother’s wedding. We decided to keep our news to ourselves, it’s the Bride’s day and that was that. I should say, I decided to keep the news to myself. We weren’t there 5 minutes before my husband snuck off with the Bride and Groom, and told them. My Sister in Law encouraged us to tell EVERYONE.  My two sisters (who each have two kids) just laughed and laughed at the thought of me, who had been childless for so long, suddenly pregnant with twins.

We planned to have one child. It took weeks before we were anything other than astounded at our new predicament. Honestly, they are 22 months old and there are still days I am shocked I have two sons. Soon enough we started learning the realities of a twin pregnancy and heard the term ‘geriatric pregnancy.’ There were about three good weeks of pregnancy between being sick and before complications and stress set in.

There is a footnote to Part 1:

More than ten years ago I was an all ladies birthday party weekend. A friend read our horoscopes and auras and made predictions about how many children we would have. When it was my turn she paused a bit and said, “It isn’t really clear. I think you will have twins.” At the time, I thought I was not going to have kids. I pretty much dismissed it. She was the first person I told, I sent her a message on the drive from the hospital to our house. I swore her to secrecy. I loved the last part of her reply to me:

“I have to laugh too about the “reading.” I find I’m often right about stuff but the timing is always the tough part.”

And she was so right. Timing is always the tough part. Look for Full Moon Babies Part 2 for the trials and tribulations of twin pregnancy.


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