Fort Birthday, An Origin Story

Fort Birthday, An Origin Story

Twins playing by a box fort
When One Brother crawls first he gets a Fort Named After Him.
Twins in a playroom
Fort K usually ended up storing Old MacDonalds Tractor

Born at 32 weeks, my twins were slow to crawl. Kenneth crawled first by several months and so I made him a simple Amazon Prime Box fort to crawl into and dubbed it Fort Kenneth. .

Baby in a Playroom
Fort K and its General

My twins LOVE boxes

Boy on a Box
King of the Amazon Prime Box. This is the look you make when youve shoved your brother off the box to climb it.

As their first birthday approached I wracked my brain for a fun theme. Neither boy was eating solids well so we weren’t planning a cake smash. I wanted to do something that actually focused on what they love, and it finally clicked.

Two boys in a box
Two Boys in a tiny Box. If it fits, they sits. My sons are apparently cats.
Boys in Boxes
Oh the joy of a big Amazon Prime Box full of rattle-y paper to play with.

Carboard Box 1st Birthday was a go. We asked our friends to wrap some empty boxes to bring (Grandma and Grandpa generously took care of way too many presents). And I started collecting: a couple unused boxes from our move the previous year and as many Amazon Prime boxes as I could hoard. The day before their party armed with a box knife and a ton of packing tape I assembled the first Fort Birthday.

Cardboard Box Fort
I used Fort Kenneth as the front entrance to Fort Birthday.

I built it freehand and accidentally made it too big to fit out of any of our doors. I had to temporarily remove the Foyer to get it outside. We put it on cement outside so it wouldn’t get damp and brought it back in that day.

Two boys and box fort
Pretty much as soon as it came back inside the boys used it to the max. Fort Birthday Flew an American Flag until the boys got big enough to pull it down. And it got armament in the form of a Pacifico six pack and Toilet Paper roll cannon.
Baby playing with fort
Fort Birthday wants to buy an O.

What started as a Birthday Theme became a lifestyle

I decided to keep Fort Birthday as long as the boys kept playing with it. And they started using it all the time. It seemed like whenever I would say, maybe it’s time for Fort Birthday to come down they found renewed interest in it.

Boy in a window
Peek a Boo out a window

Keep watching this week to find out how I learned to reinforce Fort Birthday and make it last (hint hint hint: Mr. McGroovy’s Box Rivets became part of keeping Fort Birthday strong). I’m going to have posts all week about the best coolest thing I did last year: Fort Birthday.

We share in Fort Birthday

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    1. Thanks – I’m pretty sure that Your first Box Fort WAS the inspiration for Fort Kenneth. So in a way it was really all your idea.

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